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We come to YOU!

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IV Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home 

At Renu Infusions, we offer mobile IV therapy in The Woodlands to help our patients feel their best with IV drips. Our experienced team of registered nurses can help you receive the treatment you need.

Improve your overall health and wellness with our high quality infusion blends.


We are a concierge IV infusion team ready to provide you with your choice of treatment in the comfort of your own home in The Woodlands, TX.

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Mobile IV Therapy
The Woodlands TX

Feel rejuvenated and restored with our IV drip infusions.

IV Infusion Benefits

So what is IV infusion therapy, and what are some of the benefits?
IV infusion therapy is a medical treatment in which a liquid substance is introduced into a patient's vein through a small tube inserted into the skin. IV drips are usually a mix of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium, and much more!

One of the primary benefits of IV therapy is its ability to quickly rehydrate the body. When the body is dehydrated, it can be difficult to restore electrolyte balance and hydration through oral intake alone. IV therapy allows fluids and electrolytes to be delivered directly into the bloodstream, which means they can be absorbed more quickly and effectively than if they were taken orally. This can be particularly beneficial for patients who are experiencing severe dehydration or who have difficulty drinking fluids due to illness or injury.

IV therapy can also be used to support overall wellness. IV drips offer nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as a way to support the body's natural healing processes and promote overall health and well-being. 

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IV Nutrient Infusion Improves Overall Wellness

Fast Absorption

Greater bioavailability: less of the product is lost through the break down in the intestinal tract.

Energy Boost

Provides natural energy to your body without the dreaded crash.

Cures Hangover Symptoms

Ease headaches, nausea, and dehydration.

Alleviate PMS Symptoms

Minimize bloating, mood swings, cramps, and back pain.

Quality Ingredients

Natural ingredients are delivered  directly into the bloodstream, maximizing the body’s absorption of nutrients.

Athletic Recovery

Fast recovery time and improved performance.

Boost Immune System

Boost your immune response, feel better overall.


Fight fatigue and replenish.

Max Concentrate

Minimize bloating, mood swings, cramps, and back pain.

Promotes Weight Loss

Increase your energy, burn fat and boost your metabolism.

Mental Clarity

Improve your ability to focus, memorize, and learn.


Combat the aging process, fight acne and wrinkles

Featured Services


Fight fatigue caused by dehydration, don’t let this Texas heat bring you down!


Boost your immune response, feel better overall.


Minimize bloating, mood swings, cramps, and back pain.

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For the serious athlete, improve your recovery time and performance.


What Patients Say

Hey everyone!!! I just had my first infusion with these ladies! What I noticed immediately was my hands plumped back up, my headache went away, my mind was immediately awake and I was more alert and had energy again!!! I can not say enough that if you are dehydrated (which most of us stay that way) you do not sleep well, you do not heal well ( very slowly) and you appear older. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! When you think clearly, you can do amazing things!!! These ladies are amazing and will come to you! I did mine here at my job!


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About Us

Qualified Nurses

This company was realized by two tired ICU nurses that were ready to tackle health head on instead of helping on the back side. We are excited to help our community reach their optimum level of health and wellness.    


How this works

  • What are the benefits of IV therapy?
    IV therapy can help boost energy, detoxify your body, improve your immune system, combat fatigue, reduce hangover symptoms, assist with weight loss, and slow down the aging process.
  • Will it hurt?
    The needle stick may hurt a little bit, but the infusion should be pain free. For intramuscular injections, there may be a little more discomfort at first but shouldn’t last long.
  • What’s in the bag?
    It all depends on which therapy you pick, for more information please look for the description under each option.
  • How long will it take?
    The whole process should take an hour to an hour and a half.
  • What will I feel like when the infusion is done?
    You should feel a boost in your energy and overall well being.
  • How often should I get IV therapy?
    We recommend every 2-4 weeks to maintain optimum health.
  • Why IV Therapy?
    Vitamin absorption through your intestines is about 30%, whereas IV therapy delivers 100% the nutrients straight to the bloodstream for maximum effect.
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Mobile Infusion Therapy

Let us come to you!

At ReNu Infusions, we are dedicated to providing The Woodlands-area patients with the highest quality of care. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile IV therapy in The Woodlands.

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